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Lighbringer is an FPS action game inspired by the classic shooter such as Doom and Hexen Beyond Heretics. You will play as the Lightbringer a powerful mage that will use chaos to bring order to this world.

Story :

Lightbringer is a creation of God to bring balance to humanity he embodied the God wrath. Every 100 years the Lightbringer rise again to bring death to humanity and stop them for committing crimes to this world.
Now the Lightbringer is about to rise once again every heroes from different realm has been summon to stop the Lightbringer permanently will they going to stop the Lightbringer or they will end up as another mortal soul that been sent to their doom.

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Tags3D, Doom, Dungeon Crawler, First-Person, FPS, Low-poly, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Unity

Install instructions

Extract the zip file then open the "LightBringer.exe" file to play


LightBringerDemo.zip 404 MB

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These are things that made the game pretty unfun to play:

Jumping only works 10% of the time

Axe is kinda bad because of the windup. You could make it be a chargeable weapon because otherwise timing the hit becomes pretty much impossible.

Some rooms are too small for fighting especially if there are more enemys

The tutorials when picking up a weapon are annoying. they unecessarily interrupt the gameplay and they have way too much text

timer was pretty short and sometimes it just counted down way too fast

the sword enemys attack way too quickly so you cant really use the axe on them/get close

Minor bug is being fix right now.
The timer will speed up if you press the shift(Slowmotion mechanics)

I think there is bug with the timer. Standing still without combat, the timer lasts a little over 2 minutes for me. I almost always run out of time before the first room.

if your pressing the shift or the slowmotion it will speed up the time

I didn't touch the keyboard at all while timing it.

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 good game!But the time countage disturb the fun!